Wednesday, 27 April 2016

RMK Summer 2016 Cool n Pop

Here are the official visuals for the RMK Summer 2016 collection, Cool n Pop, launching on 28 April in Japan. All the products are limited edition.

Crayon Color Eyes (2800yen)

Ingenious Powder Eyes EX17 and EX18 (2200yen)

W Color Mascara (4000yen)

Ingenious Powder Cheeks N EX14 Ice Lilac and EX15 Frosty Rose (3000yen)

Lip Care Color UV Stick (2800yen)

Nail Color EX (1500yen)

Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary Collection

Paul & Joe will commemorate its 20th anniversary with this Makeup Collection A (9500yen) to be released on 1 July in Japan. It contains an assortment of past hit products from their seasonal collections, with a shoulder bag that folds into a cat shape. Pics below by Osadanna.

Lunasol Summer Kit 2016

According to Biteki, Lunasol will release their Summer Kit 2016 on 3 June in Japan. It includes a Three Dimensional Eyes palette, pearl-infused eyeliner, beige pink Double Coloring Lips and a face powder, in a chic white pouch.

You can see swatches of the Clear Colorful Eyes quads from the Summer 2016 collection on Of Toys & Tokyo.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ettusais Summer 2016

Ettusais will release the following on 12 May in Japan:

1. Marshmallow Foundation SPF25 PA++: Available in Light Beige and Natural Beige with an airy matte finish. (1300yen, 25g)

2. Herbal UV Spray SPF50 PA++++ (1400yen, 70g)

3. Quick Care Coat: Fast drying nail nourishing coat with jojoba oil, rosehip oil and macadamia nut oil. (950yen, 9ml)

Suqqu Base Makeup Kit 2016

This Suqqu Base Make Kit (8500yen to 12000yen) will be released on 3 June in Japan. It includes one's choice of any Suqqu foundation, Pore Covering Powder 2.5g, Make Fix Mist R 15ml and a pouch.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Jo Malone Rare Teas Collection & Nashi Blossom

For Jo Malone fans with fond memories of their 2011 quintet of tea fragrances, the upcoming Rare Teas collection is not to be missed. Debuting in April in Taiwan and other markets, there will be six fragrances available - Darjeeling Tea, Golden Needle Tea, Jade Leaf Tea, Midnight Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea and Silver Needle Tea. Fragrantica has some information on the notes of each fragrance. The Taiwan press release is here.

Following this is a limited edition Nashi Blossom Cologne launching on 6 May in Japan. Available in 30ml and 100ml, it has notes of lemon, pear blossom, rose and white musk.

Jo Malone's most recent Herb Garden collection was a disappointing clutch of forgettable, bland scents for me, so I was glad that I waited to test them in person instead of ordering blind. Instead, I splurged on a longtime lemming, Trish McEvoy's No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk.

Jill Stuart Summer 2016

The Jill Stuart website has been updated with the Romantic Marine collection for Summer 2016, launching in stores on 8 April. The best source for ordering Jill Stuart online is, which is based in Hong Kong, and speedy with shipping. They also included samples with all of my previous orders.

Maquillage Snow Beauty III

Maquillage will launch this Snow Beauty III (25g) face powder compact on 21 September in Japan, with reservations starting in stores in Japan on 21 March. This third generation version has been improved to better address customers' desire for translucent and softly glowy skin. The compact design is a New York-inspired dancing diamond dust/snowflake motif. The powder is formulated with m-tranexamic acid to suppress the formation of melanin, 'rainbow pearl', 'gloss fit powder' and 'diamond smooth powder' to counteract skin dullness and make skin appear more polished and even, while hyaluronic acid and macadamia nut oil help to hydrate the skin.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Suqqu UK-Exclusive Summer 2016 collection

Here's a sneak peek at the Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX30 and EX31 palettes that will be released exclusively in the UK this summer. Pic by Jorgemakeup.

Another teaser by Yukakanekoldn of EX30.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Paul & Joe Summer 2016

Here are more pics of the Paul & Joe Lipstick L (2000yen, LE, 3 shades) from Maquia and Voce. Due out on 1 May in Japan.

Face & Eye Color Palette

Monday, 29 February 2016

Three Summer 2016

Here are the official visuals of the Three Summer 2016 collection, Let The Happiness In, due out on 11 May in Japan.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Suqqu Summer 2016 and Isetan Exclusive

Here are the details of the Suqqu Summer 2016 collection set for release on 1 May in Japan.

1. Eye & Cheek Color Compact EX01 Rikkakou 立夏輝 and EX02 Natsuyuuka 夏夕暇 (7000yen, 6.6g, LE)

2. Color Balm Crayon EX01 Suzubeni 涼紅 (glass red) and EX02 Tsuyasango 艶珊瑚 (nude coral) (4000yen, LE)

3. Nail Color R EX15 Akamizuame 朱水飴 (watery red) and EX16 Kuusui 空翆 (jade green) (2500yen, LE)

Blend Color Eyeshadow EX29 Koukiori 光絹織 (7344yen) and Bright Up Lipstick EX02 Somezakuro 染柘榴 (5400yen) will be released exclusively at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo on 2 March. These will reportedly be available in the UK in May.